Sunday Link Up [1/11/15]

Monday Link Up going up… on a Sunday.

I apologize for the extremely late “New Year’s” link up, this past week has been extremely busy and adjusting to the time change post-Africa didn’t help!

But getting back into the swing of things has certainly felt great after two weeks of traveling. Things at work have been going great, I have been working on Institute for Integrative Nutrition stuff and new yoga studio opened in downtown Detroit!

My only complaint is that it’s been FREEZING here! My commutes downtown have been extremely slow due to all the traffic from the snow and ice. So, in addition to the unreal new band I discovered in South Africa, I’ve been listening to a lot of inspirational podcasts to make use of my time in the car. No Meat Athlete Radio is at the top of my list as per usual, along with The Rich Roll Podcast, and The Tim Ferriss Show, which is a new one for me.

The No Meat Athlete is king of New Year’s goals and inspiration. There’s just something about his work that is so relatable. Like he is just the guy next store giving suggestions. A few of my links this week are straight from

1. Matt Frazier of No Meat Athlete is a fellow New Years fanatic and always a go-to source for inspiration and information. Here are Matt’s 8 Stress-Free Ways to Start Healthier Habits Now, just in time for resolution season.

2. For me, it is helpful (and interesting!) to see someone’s exact routine or set of habits. In this post, Matt tells us How to Put Healthy Eating on Autopilot this Year and gives us a specific rundown of his shopping trip at Whole Foods, his thoughts on “step-bracelets,” and a vegan banana pancake recipe!

3. Okay, this is the last No Meat Athlete link, I promise! Another easy-to-follow list; 19 Ways to Lesson Your Resistance to Healthy Eating This Year. In this post, Matt explains that healthy eating (and living in general) is less about willpower and more about removing the friction that goes along with planning, shopping and preparing your meals. These are some great habits that are easy to adopt because they are more about adding than subtracting. 

4. I know we may be a little late for “New Year’s,” but I consider the entire month of January to be a New Year’s celebration! I love “veganizing” traditional holiday dishes. Although there is not a universal “New Year food,”  Hoppin’ John, a southern peas and rice dish, is said to bring good luck in the new year. This veganized version from Gena Hamshaw on Food52 is absolutely delicious! I made a big batch and took it for lunch last week!

5. Not sure if Chipotle is attempting to market their restaurant or veganism in general but they are giving away FREE Chipotle to anyone who orders Sofritas (their vegan protein option that first appeared on the scene in 2013 at select locations) on January 26th! This is definitely an interesting tactic but it’s cool that it could possibly get more people to at least TRY the vegan option! Most people are pleasantly surprised! Way to go, Chipotle!

That’s all for now. More to come!


Monday Link Up [12/8/14]

Happy Monday! Today was an especially exciting Monday for me, it was the first day of work at my new public relations job in downtown Detroit. I am officially a real person! 

More to come on managing a healthy lifestyle while working, both in and out of the workplace. But for now, I have a great Monday Link Up for you.

First up, an article from the New York Times about Millennials aka the “Slash Generation.” More and more millennials have been stretching themselves thin, not working two jobs because they are pressed for cash, but because they feel the need for a creative outlet in addition to a job that pays the bills. I feel proud to be a part of the “Slash Generation,” as I try to experience the corporate world and utilize my marketing degree, while also exploring my passions in the nutrition and cooking world. The “slash” part could not be more accurate as I currently try to come up with a new Twitter bio… I assure you there will be some sort go “/” or “|” involved.

Switching gears, next up we have a post from one of the blogs that first got me into nutrition and food blogging, Kath Eats Real Food. This posts features a guest plant-based nutritionalist, Bryana Piazza, discussing one of everybody’s favorite topics, protein on a plant based diet. I especially enjoyed this post due to the fact that Kath is neither vegan nor vegetarian, so the unbiased and friendly natured in which her guest blogger discusses a plant based diet is a welcome change from some of the more preachy vegans out there.

Here’s another one for the protein concerned vegans and their grandparents, 8 Things I’d Tell My Grandparents About Protein by MindBodyGreen. My grandparents have been some of the most difficult people to explain my new eating style to, mainly due to the old-school nutrition information that has been instilled in them and most people of their generation. Coming off of Thanksgiving dinner and heading into a big family holiday vacation, this article couldn’t have come at a better time. I may print it out and bring it on the trip!

Finally, as we wrap up 2014 and look on to 2015, I’d like to present two “Top Trends” lists from two of my favorite websites, MindBodyGreen and Well + Good NYC. 10 Wellness Trends to Watch in 2015 has me excited for more healthier restaurants, functional medicine going more mainstream and “fitness polygamy.” Top 2015 Fitness Trends and Wellness Trends is making me look forward to using juice as medicine, Instagram finally getting the healthy lifestyle credit it deserves and sugar getting the same treatment that trans fat does.

Hope everyone has a great week, see you back here soon!

Monday Link Up [12/1/14]

Happy December!

There’s nothing better than the first of the month falling on a Monday to refresh, renew, reset and rejuvenate. Especially after the crazy holiday weekend we just had!

I have some great links for you on this Monday we head into the Holiday season and look ahead into resolution season.

This is also my last Monday before I start working full time! Keep expecting the weekly Monday Link Up and other blog posts as well. I will do my best to keep up the blog as I transition into working life.

1. From HuffPost Taste, the 11 Gifts to Give Your Health-Obsessed Foodie Friend. Seriously, if anyone got me any one of these gifts, I would not be disappointed (hint hint.) Foodies and Health-Obsessed people are often grouped into two different categories and I appreciate HuffPost for giving a nod to the overlapping group of the two circles. The Fruit of the Month Club and the tofu socks gave me the biggest laugh. I have been eyeing a slow cooker, a Craft Coffee subscription and a CSA membership for a while now and might have to treat myself this holiday season.

2. Saving money is a great New Year’s resolution or a good thing to at least think about during the holiday season. Greatist’s 94 Creative Ways To Save Money Today are clever, quirky and totally doable.

3. Speaking of resolutions, this article from PoughKeepsie Journal explains Why Going Vegan May Be Your Best New Year’s Resolution Ever. It covers many common New Year’s resolutions; such as weight loss, overall health, environmental concerns, and cooking and eating more delicious food in one fell swoop. I think back upon the start of my journey with veganism just last year and wonder how many people will decide to take the vegan plunge in 2015!

4. I recently learned about Dr. Andrew Weil’s 4-7-8 Breathing Technique and wanted to share it with you. This simple breathing technique boasts some pretty impressive health benefits and I have been trying to work it into my daily routine.

5. Just in case you are having a little difficulty resetting after this past week, or want to cleanse before the next holiday, here are 5 Easy Ways To Detox After Thanksgiving (or anytime!) from Well + Good NYC.

Enjoy your week!

Monday Link Up [11/24/14]

Good morning and welcome to this week’s edition of The Monday Link Up! 

Hope everyone had a nice a relaxing weekend and is looking forward to the short week ahead; whether you are taking off Wednesday or Friday, have a school break or just get Thursday off, Thanksgiving week, weekend, or day is always a nice time to relax and recharge during this gloomy transitional season.

I hope everyone caught my Big Fall Salad recipe & Friendsgiving post yesterday. If not you can go check it out, here.

Monday Link Up

1. I know I put together a Vegan Thanksgiving Link Up post last week, but this Ultimate Guide To A Healthy and Happy Plant-Based Thanksgiving by Don’t Loose The Cow is the most comprehensive guide to a vegan Thanksgiving I’ve seen on the web thus far. Matt’s blog is new to me and another excellent resource for handling social situations as a vegan with ease.

2. While it may only be November, winter is certainly here and these 10 Tips To Beat the Winter Blahs from MindBodyGreen couldn’t be more spot on. So far I have been trying to eat and drink a ton of warming foods and beverages (tea and soup!) as well as enjoying hot baths. I have noticed that getting motivation to workout in the winter is tough, but once you do it you feel better than ever. Even 30 minutes on my home elliptical trainer or a short, bundled up walk on a freezing-but-sunny day does the trick.

3. Speaking of the winter blahs, nothing is more “blah” in the winter than coming down with something. We tend to run ourselves into the ground, guzzle orange juice and over-the-counter pre-cold meds when we feel something coming on, then end up out of work or on yet another antibiotic, which can be very damaging to ones health if taken too frequently. Enter the Immunity & Wellness Guide from Robyn Youkilis, a health and cooking coach who graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I first learned about her when she gave an online lecture for IIN. Though some of her tips and tricks may appear to be hippie witchcraft compared to a prescription from your local CVS, I’m telling you, they really work!

4. This one is not nutrition related but here is a review of a movie I saw this past Thursday, Whiplash. The movie was incredibly well done with great performances from Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons. But what I loved most is the theme and the message, and this review from Eugene Daily News sums it up with the question, “how far are you willing to go to realize your dreams and potential and at what cost?” Though this movie is about music and drumming, the theme of finding balance in ones life between passion and addiction can be applied to anything.

5. And finally, another Thanksgiving roundup post. This time its from Edible Perspective and its all about the food! I hope her stunning food photography and brilliant recipe ideas delight and inspire you in the days to come.

Monday Link Up: Thanksgiving Edition [11/17/14]

Good Morning and Happy Monday! I am writing this post as I sip on my biodegradable french roast K-cup coffee with a splash of heated up Califa Farms “Holiday Nog” almond milk (both new products here in the Gray Eats Green kitchen.) The ground outside has a thin white layer on it, the leaves on the trees have been replaced with snow as well and my weather app reads 30°F. Although it’s still only mid-November, I’d say winter is officially upon us.

I was going to save this Thanksgiving themed Link Up for next week (the Monday before Thanksgiving) but I figured you may need more than three days to mentally and physically prepare yourself for this monstrosity of a holiday.

No matter what you celebrate the rest of the year, I’ve noticed that Thanksgiving is one of the most tradition and family centric holidays and definitely the most food centric holiday. For example, in my family we observe the Jewish holidays. We are usually are scattered about the country for Passover, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Hanukkah. For other secular holidays, such as Fourth of July, New Years or Halloween, we usually celebrate with friends. But Thanksgiving is the one time of the year where our entire family comes together to celebrate together.

This can definitely create some stress and anxiety that isn’t associated with the other holidays, and my extensive blog reading and web searching has led me to the conclusion that many people feel the same way. Something that adds fuel to the stress and anxiety of high intensity, close proximity and highly concentrated family time are different eating styles. No matter the kind of lifestyle you live, no one gives you grief about your eating style quite like your family. As a childhood “picky eater” who turned into a “health nut” (in general my M.O. was avoiding white flour, sugar and processed foods) and now a “vegan” with a large family I can say I have much experience with the trials and tribulations that come along with a large family and an interesting eating history. So, if you are looking for tips and tricks on how to make your specific eating style work with your large family gathering, look no further than this week’s Link Up.

Even though most of these articles have to do with “vegan-ising” Thanksgiving, from what to do about the food itself to explaining your choices to loved ones, this information (and the delicious recipes) can really apply to anyone who has recently made any sort of healthy changes or long time healthy eaters who get slightly anxious during the annual reunion and feast. So without further ado…

1. Matt Frazier of No Meat Athlete has one of the best blog post archives on the web on topics surrounding how to be a socially acceptable and low maintenance vegan. His laid back writing style matches his non-preachy attitude, and his How I Do Thanksgiving As A Vegan post is no exception. No Meat Athlete is probably the source that most influenced my transition to a plant based diet. Matt gives us some excellent tips on “doing” Thanksgiving as a vegan and reminds us that this holiday, like all holidays, is truly about family and friends, not the food.

2. Gena of Choosing Raw is a blogger whose vegan social tips rival her vegan recipes in both ease and palatability. Although this post, “thanksgiving jitters: tips for healthy eating at family gatherings” was written five Thanksgivings ago, the information is as relevant as ever.  Her thorough post emphasizes planning ahead, walks you through different scenarios you may encounter with different family members, and once again reminds us that food is just food and family and friends are really what we are celebrating.

3. Angela of Oh She Glows supplies us with more amazing tips to navigating the holidays as a vegan and some drool-worthy recipes. If you peak around her site you’ll find even more Thanksgiving recipes from throughout the years, like this post or her entire Thanksgiving recipe collection

4. Vegan Thanksgiving 101 by Happy. Healthy. Life. takes it back to basics and gives you no fail tips and advices for hosting a vegan Thanksgiving that will please omnivores or being a vegan guest at an omnivore Thanksgiving.

5. Now let’s talk Tofurky. I couldn’t help but include another post from Choosing Raw. Gena celebrates the 20th year anniversary of the Tofurky brand by celebrating the product and the beloved bird its named after. Although I tend to stick with plant-based whole foods and avoid meat substitutes, and I have never actually tried any of the Tofurky products, I appreciate this brand for being a pioneer in the plant-based movement and working to make these types of options easily accessible, familiar and comforting, and a excellent transition food and alternative to the real thing.

So there you have it, five awesome sites and sources for surviving Thanksgiving as a vegan (or just a health conscious person in general.)

What are you favorite vegan Thanksgiving recipes and tips for having a smooth holiday with family and friends? Let me know in the comments section below!


Belated Link Up

Happy Friday! There is a certain vibe on Friday that you just won’t get any other day of the week, something about having the entire weekend ahead of you. Even though in reality it is yet another weekday, I think I enjoy Fridays more than I enjoy Saturdays and Sundays. What is your favorite Friday tradition?

I apologize for the belated Monday Link Up, I hope it hasn’t effected anyone too much and you’ve been able to sleep at night (just kidding.) Things have been slightly busy around here and I haven’t had time to sit down and gather articles to share with you. But I finally got my act together, and without further ado…

Belated “Monday Link Up”

1. Did you hear the news, Israel is the Vegan Capital of the World! I love this article because Israel and veganism are both things near and dear to my heart and this is a nice, informative read about how the number of vegans in Israel has skyrocketed, with 4% of the population now considering themselves vegan. Maybe its because Israeli cuisine has some of the most delicious vegan options in the world? Falafel and hummus anyone?

2. I really enjoyed reading about veganism, dating and relationships on Well + Good NYC, and I proceeded to read the Lusty Vegan book that this article was talking about. A couple days later, one of my favorite bloggers, Gena Hamshaw of Choosing Raw co-authored a post with her boyfriend about the same topic. It is certainly interesting how eating style can affect relationships, and not just romantic ones, I have given some thought to how family, friends and co-workers can apply to this topic as well.


3. How Cooking Can Change Your Life on MindBodyGreen gives some great tips to start getting into the kitchen and making cooking for yourself more of a mindful process. I have noticed a huge different in how I feel (and how I look) when I cook at home for myself instead of going out. Sure you may thing you are eating  healthy when going out, but most restaurant, take-out and prepared food is laced with excess oil, sugar and salt that you just wouldn’t put into your home cooked food. No matter what you cook at home, it is usually healthier than the restaurant alternative. My nutrition school, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, really emphasizes cooking at home as a way to connect with what you are eating and spread love through your food.

4. I first heard about this study earlier this week on Good Morning America, but then read about it again on the New York Times website; Exercising but Gaining Weight. What I generally concluded from this topic is that exercise has little correlation with whether or not you loose or gain weight and other factors, primarily diet, play a much bigger role. I’ve heard that as a general rule of thumb, weight loss is 70% diet and 30% exercise. If you are eating whatever you want, exercise isn’t going to make that much of a difference. This is definitely a topic I will continue to explore because I believe it will be important when I eventually start to work with clients as a health coach.

5. And finally, as Holiday Season looms upon us, I know this is a time where some people may struggle with staying on track. Have no fear, the Uncommon Guide to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain by Summer Tomato is here! Darya Rose, the blogger over at Summer Tomato, writes a lot about diet, weight loss and weight maintenance. Unlike much of the other stuff I read, she focuses less on the food and more on the habits surrounding the food. This “guide” is a must read for anyone who tends to get derailed during the holiday season and wants to stay on track this year!

That’s all for now! Hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing weekend, I will be back on Monday with more links and hopefully a recipe or two!

Monday Link Up

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a nice and relaxing weekend welcoming in the new month.

I’m starting a new tradition here on Gray Eats Green. Each Monday I will feature a few links to stories I read over the past week called the Monday Link Up, from news stories I feel are relevant, new product finds, information you should know, recipes or ideas, or just things I’m loving lately. I will also feature a Weekend Recap in photos at the end of the post.

Monday Link Up

1. I love this article from the Wall Street Journal about how even the most classic of chefs are shifting meat toward the side of the plate and making vegetables the centerpiece. We all know vegetables are great from a health standpoint, but I love when they receive attention from a culinary standpoint as well. I know quite a few “foodies” who are skeptical about the whole vegan thing because that means they would miss out on all their trendy favorites, so it’s great news that vegetables are becoming the cool kids on the plate.

2. Here’s an article from Harpers Bazaar from a few months ago that I just came across. It talks about how celebrities eat full time or their regimen to shed a few pounds for an event. Most of these “diets” are based on good ol’ whole-foods, plant-based eating. Great to see that this lifestyle is getting a lot more attention than the “low carb,” “low fat,” or “detox” and “cleanse” style diets of the past.

3. As many of you may know, yesterday the New York Marathon took place. Due to the fact that this is the world’s largest marathon, there were tons of stories on the web surrounding this famous jaunt through the Big Apple. Although this article by AdWeek is not food related, it caught my athletic and advertising eye. Asics and advertising agency Vitro made mini statues of 500 NYC marathon runners. Each person’s Facebook account was linked with their bib race chip and their Facebook friends were able to follow the racer’s “mini-me” in real time. Pretty cool, right?

4. This article from the Guardian had me excited from both an advertising and food standpoint. Blogger Niki Rust discusses practical ways for businesses to encourage carnivores to go vegan; including clearer packaging, more menu options, focusing advertising efforts toward non-vegans and more App Store action.

5. The fifth and final link is a product I’m loving lately: Califa Farms Pumpkin Spice Latte. I’ve been a huge fan of the Califa Farms’ cold brew coffee line for about a year now, and their almond milk is delicious too, but they really took it to the next level with this “Pumpkin Spice Latte” flavor cold brew coffee blend, I’ve been putting a splash in my hot coffee every morning this week, it truly is fall in a cup. I love everything about the Califa Farms products; the packaging, the taste, even their social media presence is awesome. I’m going to have to try the Holiday Nog flavor next!

Weekend Recap 

I had a great weekend, filled with coffee, Detroit, fall colors, and helping to cater a “fall harvest” dinner party…

French press + Califa Farms
Commonwealth + Shinola
Sunshine + fall colors
Butternut squash hummus + raw veggies
Roasted heirloom carrots + tahini sauce
Roasted brussels sprouts + fingerling potatoes
Purple + white + green roasted cauliflower
IMG_5926 2
Delicata squash + kale salad

Hope everyone has a healthy and delicious week! Stay warm!