Monday Link Up [12/8/14]

Happy Monday! Today was an especially exciting Monday for me, it was the first day of work at my new public relations job in downtown Detroit. I am officially a real person! 

More to come on managing a healthy lifestyle while working, both in and out of the workplace. But for now, I have a great Monday Link Up for you.

First up, an article from the New York Times about Millennials aka the “Slash Generation.” More and more millennials have been stretching themselves thin, not working two jobs because they are pressed for cash, but because they feel the need for a creative outlet in addition to a job that pays the bills. I feel proud to be a part of the “Slash Generation,” as I try to experience the corporate world and utilize my marketing degree, while also exploring my passions in the nutrition and cooking world. The “slash” part could not be more accurate as I currently try to come up with a new Twitter bio… I assure you there will be some sort go “/” or “|” involved.

Switching gears, next up we have a post from one of the blogs that first got me into nutrition and food blogging, Kath Eats Real Food. This posts features a guest plant-based nutritionalist, Bryana Piazza, discussing one of everybody’s favorite topics, protein on a plant based diet. I especially enjoyed this post due to the fact that Kath is neither vegan nor vegetarian, so the unbiased and friendly natured in which her guest blogger discusses a plant based diet is a welcome change from some of the more preachy vegans out there.

Here’s another one for the protein concerned vegans and their grandparents, 8 Things I’d Tell My Grandparents About Protein by MindBodyGreen. My grandparents have been some of the most difficult people to explain my new eating style to, mainly due to the old-school nutrition information that has been instilled in them and most people of their generation. Coming off of Thanksgiving dinner and heading into a big family holiday vacation, this article couldn’t have come at a better time. I may print it out and bring it on the trip!

Finally, as we wrap up 2014 and look on to 2015, I’d like to present two “Top Trends” lists from two of my favorite websites, MindBodyGreen and Well + Good NYC. 10 Wellness Trends to Watch in 2015 has me excited for more healthier restaurants, functional medicine going more mainstream and “fitness polygamy.” Top 2015 Fitness Trends and Wellness Trends is making me look forward to using juice as medicine, Instagram finally getting the healthy lifestyle credit it deserves and sugar getting the same treatment that trans fat does.

Hope everyone has a great week, see you back here soon!


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