Monday Link Up [12/1/14]

Happy December!

There’s nothing better than the first of the month falling on a Monday to refresh, renew, reset and rejuvenate. Especially after the crazy holiday weekend we just had!

I have some great links for you on this Monday we head into the Holiday season and look ahead into resolution season.

This is also my last Monday before I start working full time! Keep expecting the weekly Monday Link Up and other blog posts as well. I will do my best to keep up the blog as I transition into working life.

1. From HuffPost Taste, the 11 Gifts to Give Your Health-Obsessed Foodie Friend. Seriously, if anyone got me any one of these gifts, I would not be disappointed (hint hint.) Foodies and Health-Obsessed people are often grouped into two different categories and I appreciate HuffPost for giving a nod to the overlapping group of the two circles. The Fruit of the Month Club and the tofu socks gave me the biggest laugh. I have been eyeing a slow cooker, a Craft Coffee subscription and a CSA membership for a while now and might have to treat myself this holiday season.

2. Saving money is a great New Year’s resolution or a good thing to at least think about during the holiday season. Greatist’s 94 Creative Ways To Save Money Today are clever, quirky and totally doable.

3. Speaking of resolutions, this article from PoughKeepsie Journal explains Why Going Vegan May Be Your Best New Year’s Resolution Ever. It covers many common New Year’s resolutions; such as weight loss, overall health, environmental concerns, and cooking and eating more delicious food in one fell swoop. I think back upon the start of my journey with veganism just last year and wonder how many people will decide to take the vegan plunge in 2015!

4. I recently learned about Dr. Andrew Weil’s 4-7-8 Breathing Technique and wanted to share it with you. This simple breathing technique boasts some pretty impressive health benefits and I have been trying to work it into my daily routine.

5. Just in case you are having a little difficulty resetting after this past week, or want to cleanse before the next holiday, here are 5 Easy Ways To Detox After Thanksgiving (or anytime!) from Well + Good NYC.

Enjoy your week!


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