Monday Link Up [11/24/14]

Good morning and welcome to this week’s edition of The Monday Link Up! 

Hope everyone had a nice a relaxing weekend and is looking forward to the short week ahead; whether you are taking off Wednesday or Friday, have a school break or just get Thursday off, Thanksgiving week, weekend, or day is always a nice time to relax and recharge during this gloomy transitional season.

I hope everyone caught my Big Fall Salad recipe & Friendsgiving post yesterday. If not you can go check it out, here.

Monday Link Up

1. I know I put together a Vegan Thanksgiving Link Up post last week, but this Ultimate Guide To A Healthy and Happy Plant-Based Thanksgiving by Don’t Loose The Cow is the most comprehensive guide to a vegan Thanksgiving I’ve seen on the web thus far. Matt’s blog is new to me and another excellent resource for handling social situations as a vegan with ease.

2. While it may only be November, winter is certainly here and these 10 Tips To Beat the Winter Blahs from MindBodyGreen couldn’t be more spot on. So far I have been trying to eat and drink a ton of warming foods and beverages (tea and soup!) as well as enjoying hot baths. I have noticed that getting motivation to workout in the winter is tough, but once you do it you feel better than ever. Even 30 minutes on my home elliptical trainer or a short, bundled up walk on a freezing-but-sunny day does the trick.

3. Speaking of the winter blahs, nothing is more “blah” in the winter than coming down with something. We tend to run ourselves into the ground, guzzle orange juice and over-the-counter pre-cold meds when we feel something coming on, then end up out of work or on yet another antibiotic, which can be very damaging to ones health if taken too frequently. Enter the Immunity & Wellness Guide from Robyn Youkilis, a health and cooking coach who graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I first learned about her when she gave an online lecture for IIN. Though some of her tips and tricks may appear to be hippie witchcraft compared to a prescription from your local CVS, I’m telling you, they really work!

4. This one is not nutrition related but here is a review of a movie I saw this past Thursday, Whiplash. The movie was incredibly well done with great performances from Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons. But what I loved most is the theme and the message, and this review from Eugene Daily News sums it up with the question, “how far are you willing to go to realize your dreams and potential and at what cost?” Though this movie is about music and drumming, the theme of finding balance in ones life between passion and addiction can be applied to anything.

5. And finally, another Thanksgiving roundup post. This time its from Edible Perspective and its all about the food! I hope her stunning food photography and brilliant recipe ideas delight and inspire you in the days to come.


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