Vacation Eats Recap: NYC

Happy Tuesday everyone! It feels so good to wake up in the crisp and cozy November mitten this morning after being in the craziness of New York City the past four days.

So sorry for missing this week’s Monday Link Up. I have been a bit behind on blogging due to the fact I was out of town, but don’t worry- you will still get your daily dose of linkage, it’s just going to be happening a bit later this week.

As of right now, I have a Vacation Eats Recap post that I think you will enjoy.

New York City was recently named the most vegan friendly city by MindBodyGreen. Maybe that’s the reason I’ve been spending so much time there lately… either that or the fact that it is home to quite a few family members and potential job opportunities.

Every time I hit this wonderful city, I have to take advantage of all the deliciousness it has to offer. This trip was no exception. My trips to New York usually consist of a compromise of all the trendiest healthy, vegan-friendly and foodie spots (for me) and just some classic good food (my family.) This trip, I convinced my family to go to The Butcher’s Daughter and Candle 79. Read on for reviews.

The Butcher’s Daughter

The Butcher’s Daughter’s famous avocado toast has been staring back at me from my Instagram screen since the summer. After checking out the menu, I knew I had to try out this trendy juice bar/almost-vegan café, it sounded right up my ally!

The small restaurant had green plants coming out of the wall, mint infused water on every table, drinks served in mason jars and staff sporting “We Sell Designer Kale” tees. Heaven on earth.

Once were finally seated at a spacious bar-style table three, overlooking a window, we ordered the notorious avocado toast (one single and one double order, so we could each have a piece) and two bowls of the soup of the day (butternut squash) to split between the three of us.

The avocado toast certainly lived up to its hype, I can honestly say it was the best I’ve ever had. A thick piece of whole grain bread is smothered with a fat layer of smashed, creamy avocado, with a faint hint of curry mustard seeds and lime. Served with some granny smith apple that added a refreshing tartness. The soup was great as well, very simple and true to the butternut flavor, I especially enjoyed the addition of pomegranate seeds.


Candle 79

Candle 79 is a cozy, upscale restaurant that you would never know is vegan until you read the menu. I love the way they turn vegan food into a fine dining, culinary experience that delights all types of eaters. This was my second time at Candle 79, but my first time since going vegan (and first time since I’ve been 21.)

I started off with the Reforestation cocktail, one of the best cocktails I have ever had; VeeV açai spirit, wheatgrass infused Crop vodka, muddled mint, ginger-agave, lime, soda and rocks.

They then brought us out one of their delicious complementary “snacks.” We started with the Guacamole Timbale, my mom ordered the special salad and my sister the special soup (more butternut squash.) Everything was delicious.

I decided to order the special entree. It was pumpkin seed crusted seitan, sweet potato purée, seasonal vegetables and cranberry coulis sauce, topped with a pumpkin seed and chopped apple salad. I wanted to branch out by trying something new and different. I had only ever sampled seitan, this was my first time ordering it. The meal was absolutely delicious, it tasted like a Thanksgiving feast on a plate. My mom ordered the portobello steak which was also delicious and my sister had the seaweed salad.


Unfortunately the “non vegans” overruled and went out for a “normal” dessert. The Candle 79 dessert menu sounded delicious, but I was honestly too full to really care.

Other Eats

We hit some amazing non vegan restaurants as well. The Gray Dog, Nobu, Westville, Serafina, and Otto Enoteca en Pizzeria.


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