Monday Link Up

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a nice and relaxing weekend welcoming in the new month.

I’m starting a new tradition here on Gray Eats Green. Each Monday I will feature a few links to stories I read over the past week called the Monday Link Up, from news stories I feel are relevant, new product finds, information you should know, recipes or ideas, or just things I’m loving lately. I will also feature a Weekend Recap in photos at the end of the post.

Monday Link Up

1. I love this article from the Wall Street Journal about how even the most classic of chefs are shifting meat toward the side of the plate and making vegetables the centerpiece. We all know vegetables are great from a health standpoint, but I love when they receive attention from a culinary standpoint as well. I know quite a few “foodies” who are skeptical about the whole vegan thing because that means they would miss out on all their trendy favorites, so it’s great news that vegetables are becoming the cool kids on the plate.

2. Here’s an article from Harpers Bazaar from a few months ago that I just came across. It talks about how celebrities eat full time or their regimen to shed a few pounds for an event. Most of these “diets” are based on good ol’ whole-foods, plant-based eating. Great to see that this lifestyle is getting a lot more attention than the “low carb,” “low fat,” or “detox” and “cleanse” style diets of the past.

3. As many of you may know, yesterday the New York Marathon took place. Due to the fact that this is the world’s largest marathon, there were tons of stories on the web surrounding this famous jaunt through the Big Apple. Although this article by AdWeek is not food related, it caught my athletic and advertising eye. Asics and advertising agency Vitro made mini statues of 500 NYC marathon runners. Each person’s Facebook account was linked with their bib race chip and their Facebook friends were able to follow the racer’s “mini-me” in real time. Pretty cool, right?

4. This article from the Guardian had me excited from both an advertising and food standpoint. Blogger Niki Rust discusses practical ways for businesses to encourage carnivores to go vegan; including clearer packaging, more menu options, focusing advertising efforts toward non-vegans and more App Store action.

5. The fifth and final link is a product I’m loving lately: Califa Farms Pumpkin Spice Latte. I’ve been a huge fan of the Califa Farms’ cold brew coffee line for about a year now, and their almond milk is delicious too, but they really took it to the next level with this “Pumpkin Spice Latte” flavor cold brew coffee blend, I’ve been putting a splash in my hot coffee every morning this week, it truly is fall in a cup. I love everything about the Califa Farms products; the packaging, the taste, even their social media presence is awesome. I’m going to have to try the Holiday Nog flavor next!

Weekend Recap 

I had a great weekend, filled with coffee, Detroit, fall colors, and helping to cater a “fall harvest” dinner party…

French press + Califa Farms
Commonwealth + Shinola
Sunshine + fall colors
Butternut squash hummus + raw veggies
Roasted heirloom carrots + tahini sauce
Roasted brussels sprouts + fingerling potatoes
Purple + white + green roasted cauliflower
IMG_5926 2
Delicata squash + kale salad

Hope everyone has a healthy and delicious week! Stay warm!


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