How I “Kaled It” On National Kale Day

As many of you may know from my previous post, yesterday was National Kale Day. Due to that fact that kale is the stereotypical star of the “trendy, vegan, health food scene” this day got a lot more attention than, oh, I don’t know, say “National Beet Day” would.

As a longtime Kale devotee, (and current unemployed nutrition school student with more than enough time on their hands) I knew I wanted to celebrate this day to the fullest!

I started off the festivities by throwing a little bit of kale in my morning green smoothie. Also in the mix was frozen banana, spinach, butternut squash puree, unsweetened vanilla almond milk and half a packet of Vega One Vanilla Chai protein powder, which I like to use every now and again as a special treat.  I topped this creation with pumpkin seeds and ate it out of a bowl with a spoon. Butternut squash + chai spices + pumpkin seeds = fall in a bowl.


I then headed downtown to Wayne State Wednesday Farmers Market in Detroit. My friend’s mom volunteers at this market and is a huge pioneer in the organic and local movement in Detroit so I’ve been meaning to pay her a visit for a while. Her birthday happens to fall on National Kale Day so it was a two-in-one celebration!

The farmers market is part of the Wayne State SEED program, a program dedicated to building sustainable food systems on the campus of Wayne State University and in Detroit communities. While the market was small, it was of very high quality. All of the vendors grow their produce right in Detroit or surrounding areas which I thought was really cool. Another cool thing that the market does is that it gives Wayne State students $10 in produce for $5. I love this incentive to try to get students interested in and motivated to buy more fruits and vegetables.

A few farm-to-table Detroit restaurants, including Brooklyn Street Local and Russell Street Deli, had stands set up where they were serving lunch. I enjoyed a bowl of vegan black eyed pea and collard soup before picking up some produce. I also learned that Russell Street opened up a new vegan/vegetarian restaurant in the MOCAD called Topsoil. I will definitely be checking this place out, I love how Detroit is becoming more and more vegan friendly.


After lunch, I visited each stand and picked up a nice variety of stuff. Kale (of course), some nice looking Honey Crisp apples, cherry tomatoes, some type of winter squash and a freshly baked Avalon bread.


To end my National Kale Day celebrations and really pamper my kale on its special day, I whipped up some tahini miso dressing and gave my kale nice, relaxing massage in it. Kale yeah!



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