National Kale Day

Happy October 1st and Happy National Kale Day! I love first-of-the-months because they always feel like a mini New Year or a big Monday, a great time to refresh, renew, reset and make some resolutions. This month I am going to take the Greatist October Meditation Challenge! #letsmeditate

While I am sad that it is no longer #VeganMonthOfFood and October means #WinterIsComing, National Kale Day is a great transition and way to kick off the month. And last night I had the fantastic opportunity to celebrate with plant-based celebrity, Rip Esselstyn.

Whole Foods and the Plant Based Nutrition Support Group put on an event at Seaholm High School where Rip Esselstyn spoke to a crowd of over 400 people! The crowd consisted of mainly elderly people who either reversed a disease with plant-based nutrition or elderly people who were looking to make a lifestyle change. My fellow Rip fanatic friend Dana and I were definitely two of the youngest people there, just looking to meet our favorite vegan firefighter, star of “Engine 2 Plant Rescue” and see him speak. Rip touched on a lot of the points that he mentioned in his video and other material I have listen to and read before but it was great seeing him live in the flesh, and who can resist a little health food humor.

After Rip spoke there was a Q+A session with the crowd, which was informative and entertaining in its own right. At the end of the Q+A session, Dana and I actually had the change to meet Rip! I was thrilled to get to take a picture with him in our matching Kale sweatshirts (what are the odds?) and tell him how much I love his cereal and his Netflix video, which he claimed was “boring.”

This event was fun because local vegan celebrity and cardiologist, Dr. Joel Kahn was one of the introductory speakers and I got the opportunity to chat with him a little bit at the end. Such a cool guy and I love what he is doing for the plant-based movement in my hometown of Detroit.

Outside of the auditorium there was a little plant-based reception where Whole Foods was sampling some Engine 2 and Health Starts Here products. Rip’s Engine 2 Black Bean Hummus and Three Seed Crackers were definitely my favorite.

Overall, it was awesome seeing all these people come out to learn more about this lifestyle, an honor to meet such a legend in the plant-based community and a great way to celebrate National Kale Day!

Well, I’m off to a farmers market in Detroit to grab some kale and continue the celebrations.


IMG_5429 IMG_5440

IMG_5442 IMG_5435



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