Restaurant Review: Hu Kitchen

When I travel to different cities, I love experiencing their health food scenes. New York was recently name the Most Vegan Friendly City by MindBodyGreen. So while in this health food mecca on some interviews and to visit my sister, I couldn’t help but do some health food exploring.

Between its popularity in the health food blog and social media world, friend’s recommendations and my own research, Hu Kitchen has been on my “list” for a long time. Hu Kitchen’s mission is to “get back to human,” the way people ate before the large processed food industry took over. Hu emphasizes unprocessed foods, minimal grains, natural sweeteners, healthy fats and lots of vegetables, as well as non-GMO, grass-fed and organic meat. With a cross-fit gym right down the street and bulletproof coffee featured on the menu (coffee with grass-fed butter and coconut oil), it appears as if Hu targets a largely paleo crowd, but there was still plenty of veggie options on the menu.

I am sure my fellow healthy foodies out there know the feeling when you walk into an awesome health-food restaurant, market or store. I’ve recently dubbed this feeling as “healthfoodgasm.” This was definitely the feeling I got when I walked into Hu Kitchen.

First of all, the physical restaurant was awesome. The decor was cool, natural and rustic, there was a coffee, juice and smoothie bar, KOMBUCHA ON TAP, different food stations, a little market place with Hu snacks and desserts, and awesome café style seating upstairs with wifi and outlets.

There was plenty of prepared food options, but I definitely wanted to try something hot and fresh for my first experience. I decided on a bowl, where I choose the root vegetable mash base, the wild mushroom medley topping and finely chopped vegetables and cilantro for garnish. The bowl was served with a small grain-free Hu bread.

After paying for my meal and sitting down at the bar to eat it, I sampled the three types of Kombucha on tap, Lemon Drop, Blueberry Cinnamon and Jasmine. I decided upon the Jasmine and they served it to me in a clear glass, mason-jar style mug. For a Kombucha and mason jar aficionado, this was like a dream come true.

There was also various taps of “5-Stage Ultra Filtered Water” to fill your own glass from. As a big water drinker, I absolutely loved this.

My bowl was truly delicious. The flavors, textures and portion size were precisely on point. And of course, nothing is better than drinking Kombucha straight from the tap. After I finished my bowl, I headed upstairs with my Kombucha to take advantage of the wifi in between interviews.

Overall, I loved my experience at Hu Kitchen. The food was delicious, the vibe was awesome and its so great to dine amongst and be served by like-minded individuals. I will definitely be returning to Hu Kitchen upon my next visit to NYC!


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