Gray Eats Green Tip: Freezing Bananas




When it comes to making great smoothies, the key is using frozen bananas. Frozen bananas offer a creamy texture that you just can’t get by combining regular bananas and ice. Adding ice to your smoothies also water them down and affect the taste. Many people will just throw bananas into the freezer but then it is a pain to get the peel off! Here is how to property freeze bananas for smoothies.

1. Wait until your bananas are “cheetah spotted” but not completely brown- this will ensure they are ripe and sweet enough for smoothies

2. Unpeel the bananas

3. Cut or break each banana into halves or chunks 

4. Place them in a big Ziploc freezer bag that can be reused

5. Freeze the bananas (at least overnight to get them completely frozen)

6. When you are ready to make a smoothie, simply open your freezer, throw the desired amount of banana chunks in your blender with liquid, other fruit, greens, superfoods, etc. and blend away!





photo 1photo 3photo 2


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