Vegan Mofo: Why Vegan?


Since becoming primarily vegan almost a year ago, I often get a lot of questions (especially from older generations) about why I decided to make that change. Can’t one lead a healthy lifestyle and eat healthfully without cutting animal protein out of their diet. Of course the answer is yes! But here are some of my personal reasons for eating this way 95% percent of the time.

  1. Physical and athletic performance. I shaved over 30 minutes off my half-marathon time, need I say more?
  2. Feel better after meals. I feel lighter and more energized after meals. I rarely feel that over-full or sick-to-my-stomach feeling anymore, and if I do it’s because I accidental consume some dairy at a restaurant. 
  3. Confirmed my dairy-intolerance. Since becoming vegan I have proven the fact that I really just feel better with no dairy in my diet. I truly believe most humans suffer from some form of dairy-intolerance, after all, we are the only species who suckles on another species secretions, how weird is that?
  4. Fun and challenging way to explore in the kitchen. Experimenting with obscure ingredients and “veganizing” recipes has given a fun edge to my cooking and baking.
  5. Putting more emphasis on vegetables. Hence the name, Gray Eats Green. Vegetables are now the central component of my meals, I try to incorporate dark, leafy greens into my diet in some way, shape or form every day. I have discovered the benefits of local, seasonal and organic produce. 
  6. Sense of community. From connecting with bloggers and Instagrammers, to striking up conversation with restaurant owners and employees, to attending VegFest, the sense of comradery in the vegan community is phenomenal. 
  7. Improved digestion. Being vegan keeps me… regular. 
  8. I feel more connection to nature/animals. This one really surprised me. It was never my intention to become one of those “vegan hippies” but I just feel more “natural” and “connected.”
  9. Good for the wallet and the planet. I have learned if you shop wisely, eating a plant-based diet is actually more inexpensive. It’s also a more sustainable way to eat. 




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