Vegan Mofo: Avocado Toast

This morning, I started my day off with a little superfoods cereal blend. I combined gluten-free oats, chia seeds, cacao nibs, goji berries and sliced banana in a bowl and topped it off with some hemp milk and let it soak for a few minutes. I got the idea for a “superfood cereal” from Eating Bird Food last year, but I rarely have all the ingredients on hand to make it. I picked up a box of hemp milk yesterday in order to recreate some of the rich and creamy hemp coffee beverages I had in New York last week at Birch Coffee. I had never seen hemp milk offered at a coffee shop before and it sure made for a delicious vegan cappuccino and iced coffee. Much richer than almond milk, it is also a lot higher in calories and more expensive, so it won’t be an every day occurrence.

For lunch I made one of the most widely acclaimed vegan meals/snack; avocado toast. I used One Degree Organic lentil grain bread and topped it with a combo of sea-salt and red pepper flakes. I was blessed with a perfect avocado, which I find so hard to come by these days (I’ve been getting a lot of brown spots or a stringy texture.)


Since avocado toast has really gained popularity and hit the Instagram/food blog scene, I’ve noticed some people are “mashers” while others are “slicers.” I tend to be a masher myself, but I decided to experiment with one of each in honor of the for the #VeganMonthOfFood. Toppings are also endless when it comes to avocado toast but I tend to go with the simplistic and classic sea salt and crushed red pepper flake combo.





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