Last Day of August

Alright, I admit I completely fell off the 21 days of blogging bandwagon. Things certainly picked up for me in August. From finishing up my final college classes, to moving out of my college apartment, to moving my sister into hers, and other personal stuff along the way, I feel like the past couple weeks have been a whirlwind. 

But, as I begin my month or so of relaxation and job searching, I hope to become more regular with the blogging. 

Now, on to today’s topic…

As you may know, I have a love hate with social media and technology in general. Essentially I majored in social media in college, all my internships have to do with social media, I want to work in social media; I think it is a great way to connect with other people and a powerful medium through which to get ones message across. Just look at how rapid the recent “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” has exploded. But, I almost feel like our society today is becoming sicker and less intelligent by having their head faced down and their eyes constantly fixated on a screen. 

I recently read this article in Elite Daily, that college students today spend the majority of their four years staring at their cell phones. That is a crazy statistic! But, as a very recent college graduate one, a very believable one. Don’t get me wrong, the technology we have today is a wonderful tool, throughout college I was able to message my classmates about group projects, get updates from my professors and my college, FaceTime with my sister who goes to school out-of-state, and literally see what my high school friends were having for lunch. Call it excessive, call it over-the-top, or call it 2014, but these are simply the times we are living in. 

While these smart devices in the palm of everyone’s hands have given them a newfound voice, power or creativity, I also believe they have stripped us from basic thoughts, ideas and a certain old-school creativity. These days, when I wait in the waiting room at a doctor’s office, I am fixated to my phone, scrolling through one of my various social media feeds, happy to have a distraction from the now feared emotion we call “boredom.” But, just a few short years ago, a trip to the doctor’s office waiting room would leave you alone with your own mind for a few minutes, to people watch, pick up a magazine, talk with the person next to you or just think. I believe these kind of organic moments led to the best ideas and the most authentic sense of self and creativity. 

I watched the video a few months ago, called Look Up. This video really struck a chord with me a put everything into perspective. While, I do have an awareness of this impending issue on our generation, I have not been able to fully control myself, to find a balance between embracing this wonderful technology and “looking up.” Each day, I try to remind myself of this video, to break myself away from the screen and embrace a more natural, face-to-face lifestyle. So, today, on this Sunday, the last Sunday of the month, the day of rest; I am going to try something called “Screen-Free Sunday.” The goal is eventually to go completely screen free, but for right now I am going to do my best to gradually reduce my “screen time” on Sundays. Who knows, maybe a new hobby or relationship, brilliant idea or more relaxed state-of-mind will come of it. 

So, stop reading immediately! Get up from your desk, put down your phone or turn off your iPad! #ScreenFreeSunday is now in session. 


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