Day 5: Bars

Things have been busy these past few days and unfortunately I fell off the blogging wagon, but rather than beat myself up over it, I have decided to just get right back on. 

I thought I’d write about a topic that’s very near and dear to my heart today… bars. No, not like drinking bars, like food bars. 

It’s honestly hard to jump right in to writing this blog because there are so many different topics I would like to cover. My journey with food and nutrition has been going on for over five years now. By focusing on small and specific topics, I can better get my thoughts out while not attempting to tackle everything at once and feeling like I’m being pulled in a bunch of different directions. 

My journey with food, nutrition, health and wellness has definitely grown, suited and evolved over the years. About four or five years ago, I’d say my relationship with food was an unhealthy one. I was more focused on low-calorie foods instead of healthy, nourishing foods. I turned to bars because I knew exactly how many calories were in them and I think I definitely “abused” food and nutrition bars. Often times, I didn’t even read the ingredients list! I just check the calories count and nutrition label. 

After many years of learning and gathering knowledge, I am much more about real whole feed and natural ingredients these days. If I do eat packaged food, which is becoming more and more rare, the first thing I take a look at is the ingredients list! If you’re focused on eating a primarily whole-foods, plant-based diet specific nutrition statistics shouldn’t matter so much anymore.

I am sure to the average low-sugar “dieter” my diet is high in sugar because of how much raw fruit I consume and I’m sure many people probably question my protein intake because of the lack of meat and dairy in my diet, but as one of my role models in the plant based community Rip Esseltyn once said “when you breath are you getting enough oxygen?” “then if you’re eating enough food you’re getting enough protein.” I try to listen to and be very in tune with my body and base my food intake on how I feel rather than a specific number. 

So, as far as bars go, these days I would definitely rather eat a big salad, a smoothie or acai bowl, some avocado or nut-butter toast, or even a homemade “bar” for lunches and snacks rather than turning to a prepackaged food bar, there are still some on-the-go situations where food bars may make the best choice, so here is yours handy guide to choosing the most “real” food bar. 



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