Day 2: Kombucha

What better topic to discuss on this hot, relaxing summer Sunday then…








Kombucha has become one of my favorite beverages over the past few years. Something about the taste, coupled with all of its amazing health-benefits, and the fact the fizziness of the beverage will keep you tied over for a few hours, not to mention the fact that it gives you an energized, rejuvenated, and relaxed feeling, and did I mention its delicious? 

Because I love Kombucha so much, and its quite the costly habit to fund, a friend and I began brewing our own this past spring. The process is a weird and lengthy one, we are still experimenting and trying to get it right!

My favorite brand of Kombucha is GTs. I find this brand to be the fizziest, most flavorful, with the least amount of sugar. Lately, when I travel, I find myself introduced to different brands of Kombucha, often brewed locally and sometimes I can even find it on tap! Buying a cool, local bottle of Kombucha is now my go-to souvenir when I visit a place. 


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