This whole blogging thing…

You’ll have to excuse me, I’m afraid I’m not good at this whole blogging thing. 

When people find out I have a passion for vegan food, cooking, and living a heathy lifestyle AND they find out I can write, it only seems natural to ask… “so do you blog?” 

I have tried countless times over the years to blog but my perfectionist attitude always seems to get in the way of creating good content and simply getting my thoughts down. I’m also too frustrated by these amateur blogging platforms and wondering why I can’t make this picture go there and make a really sweet logo, etc. etc. 

But this time I’m really going to do it. I am going to blog every day for 21 days, no excuses, to create a habit. I’m not going to worry about fonts, or megapixels, or tagging my posts, or who’s reading it or not reading it, or why I am not a professional graphic designer, I’m just going to get content out on the blog each day for 21 days. 

I’m excited to begin this journey, catch you tomorrow!


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