The Superfoodie Super Product Review: Vigilant Eats’ Organic Superfood Oat-Based Cereal

Welcome to the first official Superfoodie Super Product Review post! Today I will be reviewing Vigilant Eat’s Organic Superfood Oat-Based Cereal. This is a product that I have been wanting to try for a while, but have resisted due to the price, so when I saw it on sale at my local health-food store, from $3.59 to $2.69, I took this as a sign and opportunity that I should grab this product.

photo copy 3

As many of you know, I am an oatmeal fanatic. I am also an on-the-go fanatic. On most mornings, you can find me at a coffee shop with a mini mason jar full of some sort of superfoodie oat concoction. Sometimes its overnight oats, sometimes I add hot water on-the-go, sometimes I bring a little side of almond-butter or a banana, the possibilities are endless.

So naturally, when I see a prepackaged on-the-go oatmeal with SUPERFOOD in big letters on the packaging, I am going to want to try it. The package also says “spoon included,” and as many of you also know I am a sucker for cutsie spoons. This brand, Vigilant Eat’s, was available in four different flavors; Goji Cacao, Coconut Maple Vanilla, Espresso Maca Mulberry, and Maca Double Chocolate.


All of the combinations sounded delicious to me, but I chose the Goji Cacao because it was the lowest in sugar and goji berries and cacao are two of my favorite things.

The package advises you to add cold water. It also says you can alternatively add hot water or milk. I decided to stick with the original and add some cold water once I got to my favorite coffee café. I added cold water a little at a time because I am not a fan of watery oats. I continuously stirred (using the cute mini-spoon included) and waited for it to thicken up a little.

photo copy

Flavor: Overall, I thought it was delicious. It was sweetener than I normally take my oats, thanks to the maple syrup powder but not overly sweet. The goji berries were large and there was a lot of them, which was a pleasant surprise! The flavor also tasted cinnamon-y, this was the last ingredient on the list so it was surprising how powerful this flavor was.

photo copy 2

Nutrition: This package of oats clocked in at 300 calories. I normally try to keep my breakfasts roughly between 300-500 calories. So plus the almond milk cappuccino I had put it in that range. All of the ingredients were real and Superfoodie-approved. This flavor has 6 grams of sugar

photo copy 5 photo copy 6

Overall, I don’t think these oats will be on my regular shopping list due to the cost and added sugar, but I thought they were delicious and make a great treat or a convenient on-the-go breakfast from time to time. I definitely want to try the other flavors!


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