Update on Goals: 21 Days to Create a Habit

Okay, I’ll admit it, I’ve been slacking on the blog post front. With it being 21 days after I wrote my 2014 goals and resolution posts, which is the amount of days it is supposed to take to make or break a habit, 2 days away from my 21st Birthday, and currently having a few quiet minutes in a coffee shop, I thought I’d take this time to review my 2014 goals and resolutions and make sure I am still in check.

Since I wrote that blog post, I have been meditating for 5 minutes each morning. I’ve really begun to enjoy this practice. WHile I don’t think I am actually “good at it” yet it has been nice to completely unplug, listening to some soothing sounds, and lay out a plan and review what I’d like to accomplish each day.

I have also incorporated dark, leafy greens into my diet every single day, whether it be in salad, smoothie or soup form.

I have followed a whole foods, plant based vegan diet every day so far this year, which has been incredibly easy (and fun with new recipes!) because I have been cooking for myself at college and eating in for pretty much all of my meals. I don’t see this habit 100% continuing when I go out to eat in social situations or are eating with family and friends, which is perfectly okay, it’s just something I’m enjoying keeping up. I have also felt a lot better because I have completely removed dairy from my diet which has given me stomach issues in the past.

I’ve tried new recipes; like lentil chili from Forks Over Knives, “Plant Strong” Sushi from Engine 2, and a millet chili that I found online, in addition to making up my own plant based recipes. I also created a big container of “Rip’s Big Bowl” cereal and have been eating that pretty much every morning, which I am very much enjoying.

I did a $20 two-week trial at the hot yoga center near my school and I seriously loved it! I just bought a three month unlimited package so that’s where I’m off to once I finish this blog post!

While I haven’t read any of the literate I’ve been wanting to read (yet) I’ve become a Podcast Fein! My latest favorites are Rich Roll and the 5am Miracle.

I keep reminding myself to stay focused, stay positive and simplify. That’s all for now but expect to be hearing from me again soon, I don’t wanna let 21 days go between posts next time!


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