Update on Goals: 21 Days to Create a Habit

Okay, I’ll admit it, I’ve been slacking on the blog post front. With it being 21 days after I wrote my 2014 goals and resolution posts, which is the amount of days it is supposed to take to make or break a habit, 2 days away from my 21st Birthday, and currently having a few quiet minutes in a coffee shop, I thought I’d take this time to review my 2014 goals and resolutions and make sure I am still in check.

Since I wrote that blog post, I have been meditating for 5 minutes each morning. I’ve really begun to enjoy this practice. WHile I don’t think I am actually “good at it” yet it has been nice to completely unplug, listening to some soothing sounds, and lay out a plan and review what I’d like to accomplish each day.

I have also incorporated dark, leafy greens into my diet every single day, whether it be in salad, smoothie or soup form.

I have followed a whole foods, plant based vegan diet every day so far this year, which has been incredibly easy (and fun with new recipes!) because I have been cooking for myself at college and eating in for pretty much all of my meals. I don’t see this habit 100% continuing when I go out to eat in social situations or are eating with family and friends, which is perfectly okay, it’s just something I’m enjoying keeping up. I have also felt a lot better because I have completely removed dairy from my diet which has given me stomach issues in the past.

I’ve tried new recipes; like lentil chili from Forks Over Knives, “Plant Strong” Sushi from Engine 2, and a millet chili that I found online, in addition to making up my own plant based recipes. I also created a big container of “Rip’s Big Bowl” cereal and have been eating that pretty much every morning, which I am very much enjoying.

I did a $20 two-week trial at the hot yoga center near my school and I seriously loved it! I just bought a three month unlimited package so that’s where I’m off to once I finish this blog post!

While I haven’t read any of the literate I’ve been wanting to read (yet) I’ve become a Podcast Fein! My latest favorites are Rich Roll and the 5am Miracle.

I keep reminding myself to stay focused, stay positive and simplify. That’s all for now but expect to be hearing from me again soon, I don’t wanna let 21 days go between posts next time!



Happy New Year! Hope everyone has had a fun and relaxing New Year’s Day. I woke up and started the first day of the first month of the new year with a green smoothie and a run. I also was able to get in a long walk, sit on the beach, enjoy some quality family time and watch my Michigan State Spartan’s beat Stanford in the Rose Bowl! Wow, couldn’t ask for a better first day of 2014 and last day of vacation! 

As we kick off 2014, I have some New Year’s Goals I’d like to share to make myself more accountable. These are my more concrete, measurable goals focusing on fitness, nutrition, education, etc.. I have some more introspective, personal goals that focus on myself and my relationships that I’m not going to share on the blog. 

Without further ado, in no particular order…

14 Goals For 2014

1. Complete (at least) one half marathon 

2. Train for speed and beat my first half marathon time

3. Blog regularly (start with once a week and increase from there)

4. Graduate (that’s a give-in!) with honors

5. Read health related literature that I’ve been wanting to read (The China Study, The Engine 2 Diet, Finding Ultra, Eat & Run)

6. Gradually keep shifting towards a plant based, vegan diet 

7. Get a job once I graduate

7. Try at least one new recipe a week

8. Cook more- eat out less!

9. Start practicing yoga regularly (2 times a week)

10. Start meditating daily (5 minutes a day)

11. Disconnect frequently, unplug, live in the moment, relax, breath

12. Work on being flexible, going with the flow and putting others first

13. Build and nurture my personal and professional relationships

14. Eat dark, leafy greens every day