Eating Healthy on Vacation

Today was a travel day. Some people find it difficult to eat healthy while on vacation, especially on those extremely hard to navigate travel days. I used to mess up during travel days, but I’ve discovered that a lot of preplanning and preparing, as well as paying attention to how you feel and staying hydrated are the best kept secrets to eating healthy while traveling.

I normally take my time when it comes to preparing my travel snacks. Travel snacks come in handy not only when you are in the airport, on the plane or in the car, but your whole vacation long. I’ve noticed that there are some things that I can only get at my “home base” grocery store that I really like to travel with. Here’s a short list of things I make sure to have on hand while traveling:

-Bars. My preferred brands are Kind and Larabar, but lately I’ve been enjoying a new brand called Good Greens. Bars are portable, travel well and perfect for a meal replacement in a pinch and also make a great snack

-Dried fruit and nuts. Also a great, portable, long-lasting snack- just make sure you use enough self-control on the portion size! Lately I’ve been packing medjool dates and dried figs, because just one (or one of each) make a great small snack or dessert.

-Nut butter packets and/or ChiaCo Chia Shots. Makes for a complete meal on the go, my go-to airport move is to get oatmeal and a banana from Starbucks and top it with almond butter from a mini squeeze pouch.

-Dark chocolate (aim for 72% cacao or higher) I like to have a bar of dark chocolate on hand when I travel because it makes a great alternative dessert. If the rest your travel party is at the ice cream shop, it makes it a lot easier to resist knowing you have that decedent dark chocolate to come back to the hotel room to. My favorite brand is Endangered Species.

-Tea. This trip I decided to travel with some of my Trader Joes Well Rested Tea just incase I need a little help falling asleep or yet another alternative dessert.

-Supplements. While traveling, I like to give my immune system some extra TLC. I normally travel with Emergen-C packs but this time I brought Trader Joes Very Green Powder, maca powder and a B-12 supplement. My parents thought I was crazy! I’ll probably just mix the powder with water in the hotel room the first two days but the second stop on my journey is a house with a blender.

-Apples and bananas. Self-explanatory portable travel fruit.

Today’s Travel Eats

Today I woke up at 6am and had TJ’s very green powder in water. For breakfast in the airport, I had my go-to oatmeal, banana and almond butter and a small coffee with a splash of soy milk. Once we landed I was starving so I had a half a Kindbar.

My family and I hopped in the car and drove for a while before looking for a lunch spot. I Googled lunch spots and looked up menus while my dad drove. Checking out the menu before you go to a restaurant is a great general eating out tip that I love to apply when on vacation.

I picked a restaurant with some healthy and delicious looking options on the way to Key West in Key Largo. All of the restaurants in this area are casual and seafood based. The one I picked happened to have a gorgeous view and also delicious food.

I had the Hickory Grilled Mahi Mahi atop a bed of sautéd kale and spinach with a side of hickory grilled cauliflower.


Once we arrived at our destination, we talked into town for dinner. We ate at another casual yet delicious seafood restaurant. For dinner my dad and I split a tuna, crab, avocado tower for an appetizer and the mixed grille for dinner which consisted of shrimp, scallops and mixed veggies (substituted the rice for extra veggies). I also had some ceviche and edamame for appetizers as well. I love eating all of this delicious fresh seafood, can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store!


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